A letter to those who hope

  This blog from e-harmony contains some very interesting ideas regarding the whole idea of hoping for love to come around.   Enjoy!   A letter to those who hope   Hi there, If this is the fall where you can’t quite seem to get excited about the idea of new beginnings, I’m writing this […]

Dating in Ireland

Dating in Ireland Everyone agrees that it’s getting more and more difficult to find a partner for dating in Ireland these days. Back in the day when there were dance halls in every town in Ireland finding someone to date was very easy. A guy walked up to a girl and asked her to dance. […]

Sunny Dating Adventures!

We felt it would be a good idea to post about some beautiful and scenic spots to go on a date during the summer. We have listed five beautiful places that we would recommend you to visit. They are either surrounded by glistening sea water or freshly cut greenery, some are hidden gems that are […]

A totally different first date!

Great ideas for a first date in Ireland Twoheartsmeet – Dating ideas in Ireland We want to give you some ideas for a really great fun filled first date! Whether you are dating in Kerry and have access to the wonderful Killarney National Park or dating in Cork with access to the Mardyke, Fota, Doneraile […]

The myth about chemistry

Before I set up Twoheartsmeet I would’ve said that it’s very important to feel a strong chemistry or spark with someone if you’re thinking of dating them. Now however, after 6 years of matching couples and receiving feedback on how they felt on the first and subsequent dates, I’ve changed my mind. I really and […]

Can hypnotherapy help you?

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve received certification in hypnotherapy with NGH Ireland (National Guild of Hypnotists) under the tutelage of Martin Kiely Hypnotherapist. I’m now qualified and fully trained to help anyone with issues such as stopping smoking, weight control, building self-confidence or motivation, stress management, changing a negative mindset, overcoming fears and phobias, […]

Taking the first step to a new you!

Whether you want to clear out the attic, the back garden or anywhere else that has been left abandoned for a while, or whether you want to start off a new exercise regime, a healthier eating plan to lose some weight, start training for a marathon or become a non-smoker, now is as good a […]

Spring time – A time to find Love!

Spring time – A time for new beginnings! Spring time always reminds us of new beginnings, whether it’s flowers appearing and filling the country side and gardens with glorious colours or birds leaving the nest and swooping all around in their joy of learning how to fly!   Spring is in the air! Since the […]

Letter from Annie

On a Creative Writing weekend in the North Shore of Sherkin Island, facilitated by Margaret O’Connor, seven of us were thrown together to work on our writing skills. One of our assignments over the weekend was to write a short story on a fictitious character called Padraig. We had 40 minutes to do this and […]

Ready to find love again

A lady who joined Twoheartsmeet a few weeks told me how she had been hurt in a previous relationship a few years prior. Even though she really relished the idea of being in another relationship she was naturally afraid of getting hurt again. She also found it hard to trust guys again as her good […]