I’m more than happy to give you a testimonial. What can I say? I was at the end of my tether, disillusioned with internet dating and nights out looking for “the one”. Eventually, a friend of mine recommended two hearts meet as he knew of a couple who had met through them. So I thought “why not?” and gave it a go. I was matched with three lovely girls, but it was the fourth one who took my breath away. We clicked right from the very beginning and are getting on really well together. Have even planned a holiday together next summer, that’s how confident we feel about our relationship. Thanks so much to Eithne and two hearts meet. I would highly recommend their services to singletons like myself looking for a relationship with long term commitment.

William (45)


Many thanks for putting me in touch with a fabulous girl. Eithne matched us three months ago and we are getting on really well. Thanks again. A great service. Took the hassle out of it for me and took into account what I was looking for. Best of luck with your agency, you are doing a wonderful job!

Jack (37)


I have absolutely no reservations in recommending two hearts to anyone who is looking for a partner. Eithne explained to me at the outset that I’d be on a waiting list as the kind of man I was looking for had to tick a lot of boxes. I’d be the first person to say I’m choosy! However, I was willing to wait and after eight months I finally received an email with a profile and photo of a man that had a lot of the qualities I was looking for. We met up, got on extremely well from the outset and are celebrating six months together this week. My advice is to invest in yourself and in your future happiness by joining two hearts. You may have to wait a while for an introduction like I did but if you’re as lucky as I am it will be worth the wait.

Eileen (39)


I would like to say a big Thank You to Eithne and to two hearts meet dating agency for sending the most wonderful girl my way! After several introductions I was about to give up hope of ever clicking with anyone but then I was introduced to Anne Marie and we are getting on so well and I have never been happier in my life! Thanks for the brilliant service, so personal yet so professional. I couldn’t have asked for more.

John (36)


I’m so glad Eithne encouraged me to meet with Mike as I had a few reservations initially and was going to give it a skip. However, we are getting on really, really well and are sharing lots of interests and good times together. He’s even introduced me to motor bikes and sometimes we head off on a Sunday if the day is fine. I would never in my wildest dreams have believed that I would date someone who was into motor bikes but Eithne reminded me that I described myself as “open minded” on my profile and so I agreed to meet with him as I would hate to think of myself as being closed minded! Thanks again Eithne for the encouragement, your personal interest is what sets your agency apart!

Anne (44)


I was very nervous meeting up with Eithne seven months ago. She was extremely caring and sensitive and made me feel at ease. I was tired of not being able to meet people. Eithne spoke to me at length about my interests and hobbies but particularly what I was looking for in a partner. I got lucky as I was matched with an exciting and incredible man after just a few months. We are together for four months now and are very happy. I would definitely recommend the agency to anyone looking for love.

Caroline ( 49 )


I am delighted to have joined two hearts as I’ve been introduced to some very nice honest guys. I love the fact that they are willing to join an agency and pay a fee as it shows they are genuine about committing to a long term relationship. The last man I was introduced to a few months ago is very kind, thoughtful and sincere and although it’s still early days the signs are good that it’s developing into a solid relationship. We get on really well and share lots of interests. It’s great having someone special in my life once again. Thanks Eithne for sending him my way!
Liz (34)


I am happy to recommend Twoheartsmeet as I’ve had a very positive experience since joining up. I’ve met some really nice, sincere ladies and Eithne called me for feedback after each introduction which I really appreciated. I was introduced to a lovely, genuine, good humoured lady a few months ago and we have lots of common interests. We enjoy some wonderful outings together, are getting to know each other slowly and it’s so nice being able to look forward to the weekend again! I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Twoheartsmeet.

John (44)


Two hearts meet is perfect for me as I’m a separated lady with three teenagers and one in primary school so, as you can imagine, I find it hard to go out socialising. Anyway, most of my friends are married or in relationships and not interested in the social scene. I had come to the realisation that I probably wouldn’t meet anyone unless I tried something different. It was recommended to me by a friend who knew someone who had met her husband through Eithne’s agency. When I joined I didn’t have high expectations of meeting my soul mate but I was willing to give it a go and hope for the best. However, I knew that Eithne ran a genuine agency and would be more than happy to match me with someone compatible if he was on her books. I’m so glad now that I was proactive as I’ve been introduced to a fabulous man. It’s still early days but the signs are good that I’ve got me a keeper! Thanks so much two hearts meet!

Margaret (46)


I joined two hearts meet last year when my cousin met someone through them and was delighted with the service received. Since joining I have received four introductions with some really lovely guys. Even though we didn’t have that elusive “chemistry” that we are all hoping for, I’m still glad of the opportunity of having access to their data base of really nice, genuine men. Eithne assured me that when a guy joins two hearts meet he is looking for a long term relationship, therefore I can be certain that the guys I meet are not looking for something casual. Now it’s just a case of hoping the next one will be my perfect match! Eithne takes a personal interest in you and gets feedback after each match. I highly recommend this agency as a positive way of meeting a potential life partner.

Annemarie (37)


I have to admit that, as I approached my interview with Eithne in December 2014, I was not especially optimistic, just willing to give things a try. The meeting with her changed everything. She was sympathetic, professional and thorough. You would be completely at ease talking to her. Through her I was introduced to four ladies. The first three were really lovely and commendable women but the chemistry was not there between us. Finally I was introduced to Margaret (a youngster of 61!). Within a very short time of meeting I knew she was the one for me. And I could see that the feeling was mutual. Since meeting we have been getting together every minute that physical distance between our homes and work commitments permit and are now planning the practicalities of setting up home together.  I would recommend Two Hearts Meet as the best way to go for people of any age seeking love.

Thank you Eithne.

Michael 69


What can we say but a huge thank you to Eithne for her help, without her we wouldn’t have found each other and had 3 years (and counting) of an amazing loving relationship, the best we have both ever had. We both agree we have found our soulmate.
The greatest advice we can give to others on their search for their soulmate is if you think it’s AB&C are what you need and Eithne suggests perhaps BC&D, go with it, you have nothing to lose. She saw something in both of us that made her think we would click and we do on every level. Eithne looks at match ability in relation to personally, professionally, ethically, socially, morally and of course in relation to family and attraction. Eithne goes above and beyond in trying to get people the perfect match. We’re indebted to her, we wish you luck in your search. Don’t give up.

Ciara (early 40’s) and Dave (late 30’s)


I joined Two Hearts Meet hoping that I would meet another and connect but not really expecting much. When l met Eithne l liked her straight away and felt very comfortable talking with her and was confident in her judgement. She introduced me to a lovely, kind and thoughtful man that l spent a wonderful year with. So anyone thinking of joining her agency should because you’ll be thrilled and will enjoy it all.

Sally (50)


I first joined Eithne nearly four years ago and on my eighth introduction I met Jack, the previous introductions were all nice guys but we just did not click. I was just about to give up when I met Jack and I can honestly say I am so glad I did not give up, Jack and I got on great straight away and nearly two years later we are now moving in together. I was jack’s first introduction. Even though when we first met we were two hours away from each other but it was never a problem because we got on so well and we never made the distance an issue for us.
We both found Eithne to be very professional in what she does and really wanted to get to know us so she could find our match, but as she says herself she can’t provide the chemistry. I would highly recommend Eithne, the decision we made to join has enhanced our lives for the better.
Ann 37 & Jack 39


Dear Eithne,

We have been meaning to write to you with some time, to express our sincere gratitude

for the important part that you and Two Hearts Meet have played in helping us to find a true friend and partner in one another.

As we had both lost our spouses owing to their departure to the next life, neither of us wished to spend the rest of our lives on our own and miss out on what a possible future relationship might hold. We have learned that life is a very precious gift and sharing that gift with a true friend and companion makes it all the more worth living.

The first time we heard you on the radio talking about Two Hearts Meet and the service you provide, we felt there was something very genuine about you and the manner in which you introduce people to one another. When we met you personally, we found that any feeling of unease quickly vanished and your sincerity became all the more a reality. You explained all aspects of the service very clearly and we came away feeling relaxed and that the journey we had undertaken with you was the right one for both of us.

It is now almost two and a half years since you first introduced us to one another and it has been a lovely experience. There have been few dull moments and we look forward to sharing whatever the future might hold.


Thanking You Sincerely,

Kevin D.   65

Margaret L. 66


I want to say thanks to Eithne for giving me the opportunity to meet some great guys. I’ve been on four introductions so far and even though I’m still waiting to meet my Mr Right I’m delighted that I joined and have the opportunity to meet people. Socialising had become tiresome and expensive. Internet dating isn’t my cup of tea at all. I love the genuineness of two hearts meet. You can tell that there is time and effort put into the matching process. Eithne works with integrity and that is something I really appreciate. I’m more than happy to recommend their services as a dating agency.

(Annette 32)


Richard and I got married earlier this year after being introduced by Twoheartsmeet two years ago. I love the way Eithne took such a personal interest right from the start. I was extremely lucky in that Richard was my first introduction but then I’m not surprised either as Eithne got to know me well and had a very good idea of the kind of man I was hoping to meet. She had also got to know Richard over the six months he was on her books and knew instinctively that I was the kind of person he was looking for. We weren’t just sent out on a date for the sake of it. Well done, and thanks a million for introducing me to the most wonderful man I could ever hope to meet!

Eilish (38)


I’m delighted to give you a testimonial Eithne. I had tired of the social scene and internet dating didn’t appeal to me. A friend of mine had met someone through two hearts and encouraged me to get in touch. After three introductions I was matched with the nicest lady I could ever hope to meet. We hit it off from the first date and even though it is early days yet, I feel confident that Marie is for keeps. She’s one of the most genuine, loving girls I’ve ever met and I’m so delighted I made the call to Eithne!

Brendan (37)


My level of happiness has quadrupled since joining two hearts meet. It’s great to have been matched with someone who is into the outdoors the same as me and to be able to meet someone of a Sunday and head off for a long walk and a bite to eat afterward is heavenly! Sundays were beginning to be a low point in my week and I was really lonely and finding it hard to fill my day. Now that I’ve been introduced to John I feel I’ve got a new lease of life! I would highly recommend two hearts meet. They are a very genuine organisation and Eithne was born to do this I believe. Thanks so much.

Eileen (54)


I had tried internet dating but felt it wasn’t for me. I was too busy to find a partner out socialising as I have recently opened up my own business. A dating agency was the obvious answer to my problem so I gave Twoheartsmeet a ring and arranged to do the profiling. I have been out with a few ladies and am very impressed with the caliber of females on their books. I am confident that I will find my ideal match and feel this is one of the better decisions I have made in my life up to now. It’s a brilliant service and I wish them well in their venture to help us all find love !

Patrick (39)


Having made the phone call to arrange a meeting with Eithne I was nervous and embarrassed as a 59 yr old divorced woman about our appointment but Eithne couldn’t have made that meeting easier for me. Her kindness and professionalism immediately put me as ease. I have subsequently met my perfect partner and we are growing closer every day. That would never have happened if I hadn’t made that call.

Ellen (59)


I am a divorced man in my mid 40’s and was very skeptical of joining but now I’m so glad that I did as I’ve met some really lovely ladies. Twoheartsmeet gives a brilliant service, tailor made to my needs, and are very good value for money too. There isn’t very much out there at the moment for people in my age bracket I feel and I think it’s great to have this service in the Munster area. Keep up the good work Eithne and Daniel !

Peter (46)


I’m very happy with the service provided to me by Twoheartsmeet to date. On my third introduction I met a lovely woman and can’t believe I have found love again ! I would recommend this agency to any man who is looking for a genuine partner to go and give it a shot. I’ve been lucky and maybe you will be too !

James (55)


Just a few words to say thank you for providing such a personal and professional service. I really feel that Eithne genuinely cares about matching you with the right compatible person. She is always there for advice when I need it. I am so happy now I took the plunge as she has introduced me to a lovely man. We are together 5 months now and it is getting stronger and stronger all the time. We may not have lasted this long without advice from Eithne in the early days. So continue the good work Eithne, I would be very happy to recommend your service to anybody.
Susan (52)


I have just joined with Twoheartsmeet about two months ago and have found them to be a First Class Organisation very professional, genuine and caring. I have enjoyed meeting very interesting people so I will stick with them and a big thank you to Eithne and Daniel.
Mary (47)


I saw the advertisement for Twoheartsmeet on a local paper and decided to give it a go. When I met with Eithne I immediately knew I was in the company of a very sincere person who genuinely wanted to see people find love and happiness. I was very impressed with the way the agency matched me with someone I was compatible with and kept in touch to see how things were going. I found love and I am so grateful, so don’t be shy people, take that step! You won’t regret it.
Patricia (52)


The service provided by Twoheartsmeet can add an extra dimension to the life of a singleton in her thirties.  While my life is busy, I appreciate the opportunities provided to me through this dating service.  I have learnt a lot about myself through the process.  I’m now able to define more clearly what I need from a relationship; Twoheartsmeet has helped me to look at this area of my life. Eithne is patient, professional and shows a genuine interest in facilitating potential matches.  Well done Eithne and Daniel; excellent work to date.

Elma (38)


Thank you so much Eithne and Daniel for your wonderful service! You introduced me to a lovely lady when I thought I would never again meet a partner in my lifetime. I received a very professional service and you were always at the other end of the phone if I needed you. You have given me a new lease of life! Thanks again.

John (64)


Just a few words to say thank you. I did not think ye would manage it as I had almost given up. However, the last guy you matched me with has loads of things in common with me and we really enjoy our time together. It’s been six months now and long may it last!

Grace (57)


It took a lot of courage for me to make the phone call to you as I am a widow and was finding it very difficult to decide whether I wanted to be in another relationship or not. Then you introduced me to a really lovely man and I am so glad that I contacted your agency. I want to thank you for the great service you gave me and the follow up phone call to check on how things were going. I really appreciate your personal touch.  Wishing you continued success!

Mary (68)


I’m only too happy to give you a testimonial! Daniel interviewed me and was very thorough and professional I must say. Eithne dealt with me after this by contacting me wherever she had a potential match for me. They are two wonderful people who are offering a great service to people like me who find it difficult to meet ladies at this time in my life. I am extremely happy with the service I receive and have met some lovely ladies from all walks of life. My circle of friends have greatly expanded as a result. I wish you both continued success in this very worthwhile work you are doing.

Robert (72)


I’m delighted I joined Twoheartsmeet. I wasn’t big into the pub or club scene to be honest and after 4 matches I finally clicked with a fabulous girl and we are seeing each other now with nearly a year. I can’t thank Eithne and Daniel enough for introducing me to such a wonderful caring lady. I have referred on a few colleagues to Twoheartsmeet also that’s how happy I am! Well done again.

Sean (38) 


Hi Eithne and Dan.

Just a quick e-mail to let you know that joining your dating agency was a very good decision indeed. I only regret not doing so a year or two earlier. The interview was pleasant and relaxed with no pressure at all. Within a short period of time I was introduced to a lovely lady, and I know there will be more new and exciting introductions in the future.The service provided is excellent and I would recommend Twoheartsmeet to anyone. Thank you very much.

Bill (45)


Thanks a million Eithne & Daniel for introducing me to William. You matched our personalities and interests so well and encouraged us to compromise on the few boxes you were not able to tick. We are so glad we took the opportunity to meet as we have loads of things in common and its lovely having a companion in my life again!

Ann (47)


I just want to say thank you for finding me the loveliest lady I could possibly hope to meet. I was becoming disillusioned with the pub scene and just about to resign myself to the fact that I wasn’t meant to be in a couple relationship. Am I glad that I made that phone call to you guys! I couldn’t be happier with your choice of partner for me. Thanks again.

Sean (55)


What I like about Two Hearts Meet is that you get the feeling that Eithne genuinely wants to find somebody for you and that it is not all about making money.

Allison (37)


Even though I’m still waiting to meet Mr Right I just want to say how happy I am with the wonderful service you give me. You go to great pains to find me a guy by matching our hobbies and interests and the values we have in life.  You are genuinely interested in finding the right guy for me and I really appreciate it.  I realise that I am one of your most picky clients, but I have great faith in you, that you will find me the guy who is right for me.

Norma (37)


Thank you to both Eithne and Daniel for providing this service. I really appreciate knowing there is someone working away in the background looking for someone compatible for me. I’ve been introduced to two lovely women over the last few months and even though the relationships didn’t work out, I’m still glad of the opportunity to have met them. Hopefully it will be third time lucky for me !

Liam (37)


Both Sean and I are very glad that we did go through Eithne & Daniel’s Agency. It was professional, Eithne put you at ease during interview and she spent enough time with you to really get to know you. Eithne arranged a meeting for us almost a year ago and we both quickly realised that the other partner was exactly as Eithne had described to us. It wasn’t love at first sight but we both stuck with it and it was well worth it.  We discovered over time that we are very alike in a lot of different ways and have grown very close. Eithne’s back up service is excellent whereby she contacts you by phone on a regular basis and was always there if you needed her, also the workshops which they provide are of great help. We cannot express our gratitude to Eithne & Daniel, their service is second to none.

Sean & Mary 50’s


And regarding the one to one dating coaching we provide, this is an example of an email we received recently from a satisfied client:

Just to let you know, I’ve had a lot of positive feedback regarding my online dating profile, following on from the help you provided me with during the coaching session. I met a lovely lady about a month ago and we are getting on really well. She is not from Ireland but is living in Cork with about 10 years and has excellent English. I wish to thank both of you for your help and hopefully I will not need to go on line dating again!  

(Andrew, Cork city)